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Screen Cezanne Elite FT-S5500 Scanner with optical 5300dpi for Negatives, Transparencies, Recflectives archiving
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Screen Cezanne Elite FT-S5500 Scanner with optical 5300dpi for Negatives, Transparencies, Recflectives archiving


Model Cézanne Elite FT-S5500
Light sensor 3-line CCD array, 8,000 elements/line
Original types Reflection originals: Color, B&W line art, grayscale
Transparencies: Color positive, color negative, B&W lineart, grayscale
Effective original size 329 x 530 mm (13.0" x 20.9")
Original thickness Up to 25 mm (1") including original retaining plate
Optical resolution Continuous tone: 589 - 5,300 dpi
Lineart: 600, 1,200, 2,000 dpi
Output resolution Continuous tone: 20 - 20,000 dpi
Lineart: 360 - 4,000 dpi
Max. density 4.2 D
Productivity 104 scans/hour* (35 mm at 350 dpi and 400% magnification)
94 scans/hour* (6 x 7 cm at 300 dpi and 250% magnification)
Scanning speed Continuous tone: 11 msec/line (max.)
Lineart: 5 msec/line (max.)
Output color depth 32-bit CMYK, 48-bit RGB, 8-bit grayscale
A/D converter 14-bit ADC
Output File formats TIFF, EPS, DCS, SCITEX CT, JPEG , YCC (for Kodak photo CDs)
Interface SCSI 2
Recommended power cord PI-H05VV-F-C6061 (250V, 6A, 3 x 0.75 mm2)
Power requirements Single phase 100-230V, 0.2kW 2A(100V)/1A(200V)
Weight 73 kg (160.6 lbs.)
Environment Temperature: 23 ± 5° C (73.4 ± 9° F) [no sudden temperature changes]
Relative humidity: 50 to 70% (no condensation)

High speed scanning offering
exceptionally productivity
The Cézanne Elite features an incredibly
high scanning speed. In just one hour, for
example, it can scan up to one-hundred-four
35 mm originals at 350 dpi and 400% magnification,
or ninety-four 6 x 7 cm originals
at 300 dpi and 250% magnification, including
the time required for conversion from
When compared with the previous
model, this represents a 40% increase in
throughput for 35 mm originals and a 50%
increase for 6 x 7 cm originals. Best of all,
the Cézanne Elite scans each original at the
exact resolution you need, saving valuable
time when just a rough scan will do.
Prescanning is super-fast and efficient too.
* Obtained when using a Power Macintosh
G4/400 MHz model. Actual throughput may differ
depending upon your particular system configuration

Model: FT S5500

Cezanne élite with Mac software Year 2000
(Transparency and Reflection A3 +)

- The highest productiveness - to 104 Scans / hrs.

- Optimum quality - resolution to 20,000dpi

Technical data (edited version)
- XY zoom technology: Cézanne can scan at any place on the abbot branch surface with the optimum resolution.

- Colour depth: 48 bits in the RGB mode

- Resolution: 589 - in 5300 dpi to 12,000 dpi interpolates

- Graduation area: to 5700% - in 5300 dpi to 12,000 dpi interpolates

- Scan format: Semitone presentations: 340 x 530 mm

- Line presentations: 330 x 530 mm

- Interface: SCSI

With this device you produce High Scans
The picture of your photos and pictures should be so high grade as possible. Only an outdated, optimally adjusted HighEnd scanner with new profiles ICC can perform this. Hence, with the picture quality you should make no deductions and invest only in general-outdated devices. With pleasure we discuss you which data format which resolution or which colour space is suitable for your product best of all and with which software and scanner solution the Easiest and cheapest is to be realised. We are a specialist for outdated High scanners with spare part care service, training and installation worldwide incl. optimum law days. In our camp in Dortmund we have constantly more than 50 High level beds and drum scanners in the camp. If requested you receive the system completely with new calculator, freshly waited with new profiles ICC for supervision and examination, a training for Negativscannen servicing contract ready instal in your offices with next servicing contract. Brakensiek system house is a specialist in this area since 1990 and hears to the pioneers of the Colormanagement service provider. We have installations worldwide. We are Exclusiv Disributor of the SilverFast software for Heidelberg High scanner and put since there increase years of the fa LaserSoft Imaging AG these devices Chromagraph S3300, S3400, Heidelberg tango, Heidelberg Topaz at possession. If requested you can also buy the scanners in which SilverFast was developed for these devices.

Spare Parts:
As certified matchpart GmbH (Germany) Distributor we provide some spare Parts. Also we can try to find spareparts for you if you have been unsuccsessful to find them. If you have a demand for spare parts use the e-Mail adress service (at) brakensiek (dot) com for inquiries

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As matchpart GmbH (Germany) Partner we offer circuit board, Laserhead and Spinner Motor repair service. If you are interested in this service, we need serial number, YOM, sparepartnumber and type of error.

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A Service Technician Training is available on request by matchpart GmbH (Germany).

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We deliver Spareparts as Exchange Part:
We need the old broken part back, bevore we can ship the new part.

Remote Kit and Remote Service:
If you buy a remote kit from us, we can help you diagnosing Errors.
You can buy sets of 3 working hours in advance. This is not included in the sales price.

Wearing Parts:
During repair, wearing parts can be replaced preventively.

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