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i-Trap with i-PDF and i-JPG

I-PDF works by adding trapping information back to the ORIGINAL PDF file in a new "Trapping Layer". This retains ALL of the characteristics of the original file- such as fonts and meta-data - and just adds this separate traps layer.
I-PDF can be configured in both automatic trapping and interactive trapping workflows.
I-PDF can be configured together with the I-JPEG plugin to create both trapped PDF files and small email-able soft proof files - at the same time.
Consider these many benefits of I-Trap with I-PDF:
# Step and Repeat: Trap once and then reuse the trapped file over and over again.
# Imposition: Trap first and then Impose to save time and speed correction cycles.
# Archive: Save your jobs as original PDF with separate trapping Layer.
# Preflight: The rip and interactive viewer are excellent ways of checking ahead.

I-Trap™ Features
• Raster-Based

• Traps PS, PDF & EPS jobs

• I-Link Plug-ins enabled

• Miter trapping

• Special Image trapping

• Spot Color Support

• Trap Color Reduction

• Special Black Handling

• Trap On Fly preview

• Ink Remapping tool

• Graphical Configuration Tool

• User Trapping parameter sets

• Client-Server model on PC & Mac
I-Trap™ In Depth

Trapping, that esoteric art of making the final printed piece look every bit as good as the original design. Repairing the gaps and halos that invariably occur when you have flimsy paper being pulled, stretched, wetted with ink and water and smashed by heavy rollers in those ominous machines we call printing presses. Now the team that has been the minds behind some of the most popular trapping programs since the late 80's bring you its very best work ever - I-Trap™.

What does the I in I-Trap™ stand for?

Well first, it stands for Intelligent - I-Trap™ has some of the most sophisticated set of trapping rules of any trapping program on the market. I-Trap™ knows how trapping should be done and is able to carefully analyze your important print job and determine where and how traps should be applied. This is done by carefully consideration of ink coloring and usage, as well as special conditions for trapping to pick out those locations where trapping is needed. Then additional consideration is given to pick the best possible location, amount and color for the actual traps, and lastly to artistically apply the traps with the quality of a great master.

Secondly, the I in I-Trap™ stands for Interactive - I-Trap™ inspires your confidence by showing you what it can do! I-Trap™ doesn't waste your time or money by producing bad plates or film. The Interactive feedback you get from I-Trap™ will quickly teach you how to become the expert! You gain confidence and knowledge without losing time by seeing exactly what I-Trap™ will do with every trapping situation in a flash. You save time and gain understanding from the industries first "Trapping Graphical Configuration Tool". You quickly know it is right by the super fast "Trap on the Fly" capability.

Lastly the I stands for Interface - I-Trap™ has the best designed and easiest to learn "User Interface" in the industry, and the Interface doesn't stop there. I-Trap™ is able to Interface with some of the most widely used workflows in the market. I-Trap™ is one of the only trapping products on the market to even include an interface Wizard to help you achieve success!

So how does this Intelligent, Interactive, Interface to Trapping really work?
Well let's dive in and see!

The intelligence of I-Trap™ is contained in the smallest brain possible. This may sound strange but here's why. I-Trap™ is a raster based trapping program because raster trapping provides the best flexibility and best quality. Raster trapping is the real workhorse of trapping because it can plow through any size and complexity of job. Let's face it, it's just comparing colors. The key to the phenomenal ability of I-Trap™ is that it packs a tremendous amount of trapping intelligence into a very compact and efficient program to achieve a tremendous speed. The Trapping Engine inside of the I-Trap™ parts is the engine that can in addition to having the brains of a scientist - it is extremely stable, reliable and fast.

The interaction of I-Trap™ is the result of years of involvement in the printing industry. The Lucid "Dream Team" has developed the "workflow" of trapping with I-Trap™. It starts by building I-Trap™ as a group of components rather than one massive application. These components are inserted into specific parts of any given workflow during the simple product installation. This integration is one of the keys to interactivity.

I-Trap™ then takes interaction to the next level by providing tools to give you control.

* I-Trap™ starts by supporting current page layout application controls for setting trapping parameters such as trap zones. Using existing tools such as plugins for Acrobat Pagemaker and InDesign or extensions for Quark, I-Trap™ reads and understands these settings from within the Rip environment and is able to translate those settings into intelligent results within I-Trap™

* I-Trap™ proceeds by providing easy to use settings within the Rip to interact within your existing workflow. I-Trap™ is easy to configure as a part of your print queues to provide both interactive and automated processing options.

* I-Trap™ tops off the interaction with the Interactive Viewer Application (IV). When a job is configured to automatically open the Interactive Viewer, there a new and complete set of tools are available to handle even the toughest trapping jobs.


This document describes the setup of the Luicd Trapping plugin to the Harlequin ScriptWorks Rip and the I-Trap Interactive Trapper and Viewer, the rules and parameters that are used by the Lucid Dream Trapping Engine.

It is assumed that the user is familiar with the basic concept of trapping, trapping terminology, as well as the ScriptWorks Rip configuration issues.

The TaskForce I-Trap™ trapping engine processes the raster job data supplied by the Rip after interpretation and rasterization and outputs the trapped data as a set of two binary files that need to be returned to the Rip for producing the final output by the desired device plugin.

Benefits of I-Trap™

I-Trap™ can be configured to trap jobs automatically or interactively and can be easily set up to accommodate different kinds of jobs. Users will usually start trapping everything interactively to learn the system. Once trapping parameters are fully understood and have been configured, these settings can be saved in a Page Setup that would be later used to print automatically trapped jobs.
TaskForce I-Trap™ can be included in a queue with any available output Rip plugin transferring data through a spool folder mechanism.
      Benefits of I-Trap™
      Trapping parameters
      Test Page

I-Trap on the PC

Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 / XP operating system;
128 Mb RAM (512 recommended);
Monitor resolution 1024*768 or higher (800*600 will provide very poor quality)

Harlequin Rip version: 5.3 Revision 4 or higher. Version 5.5 and higher is needed to work with pre-separated jobs.
Rip API version: 16.1 and higher.
Rip Page buffers version 15 and higher.

I-Trap™ software on PC is protected by a Sentinel License or by a Lucid dongle (Sentinel Super Pro)and can be run in a trial or full mode.
I-Trap on the Macintosh

OSX 10.3.x operating system;
128 Mb RAM; Monitor resolution 1024*768 or higher
Minimal configuration:G3, 366MHz, RAM 320Mb, Monitor resolution 800x600.
Recommended configuration:G4, 1GHz, RAM 760Mb, Monitor resolution 1400x900.
Free disk space required > 20Mb.

Harlequin Rip version 6.4 or higher.

I-Trap™ software on the Mac is protected by a Lucid USB dongle (Sentinel Super Pro) and can be run in a trial or full mode.

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