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Auerswald COMfortel 2500
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Auerswald COMfortel 2500

They are frequent users and have a high demand on a phone? Then, the digital system telephone COMfortel 2500 is the right place. It comes in a high-quality, ergonomic design and offers a wealth of practical features. You can perform almost any function of a button and see the status of an LED next to the button. The menu navigation and operation of the phone simply and easily via the large, white backlit graphics display with 8 situation-dependent soft keys. The integrated USB interface allows for simple data communication without additional hardware.

For future planned enhancements, an SD card slot is provided. If the memory card is inserted, for example, configuration data can be backed up, stored voice mail messages or calls are recorded.

An invention of the Auerswald-development and is found only on these phones: The COMfortel 2500 can be used either on an S0 or UP0 port of the system will run without modification and automatically adapts to the type of connection.

The modular concept allows the provision of COMfortel 2500 of 3 key extension modules Xtension30 [/ link description], which can be either left or right fit on the phone. Together with the 15 keys in the phone provides up to 105 function keys that can be programmed in any modules fitted, waiting area, function, line, speed dial function and control keys. Each button has 2 levels, a total of 210 functions are available at your fingertips.

The COMfortel 2500 is available in black, dark blue and light gray (white) are available ..

- Automatic detection of the connection or S0 P0
- Power supply via system connection, no external power supply required
- Large graphic display with automatic dimming of backlight and
- Keypad with contrasting lettering and positive click
- Ergonomic shape-optimized handset
- Best acoustic characteristics in all operating modes
- Headset port with support for wireless headsets DHSG
- USB port for direct programming of the phone features and UMS-/CTI-Applikationen
- SD card slot for memory expansion and function, such as voice mail
- Set the menu language
- Key Expansion modules can be connected COMfortel Xtension30

Technical information:


* 1 S 0 or P0-port to the PBX (Western socket), automatic detection of the connection
* Power supply via system connection (S0-/UP0-Port)
* 1 Xtension Connection for up to 3 additional modules
COMfortel Xtension
* Headset connection with DHSG support
* 1 slot for SD memory card
* 1 USB port for the integrated ISDN PC Adapter
and programming
* 1 connector for an optional AC adapter, in conjunction with COMfortel Xtension30 necessary

Supported ISDN features

* All ISDN PBX functions are supported


* Graphical display with 128 x 64 pixels
* White backlight with adjustable brightness and turn-
* Symbol or text to display the settings
* Time, date and week display
* Fees and display unit
* Status information, such as active call forwarding, mute or speakerphone
* Display the entire connection path for incoming calls from the office of port redirector to the participants
* Context sensitive display of softkey functions
* Menu language selection: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Greek

Data interface (USB) for
Internet, TAPI and CAPI applications

* TAPI 2.1 support
* CAPI 2.0 support
* NDIS WAN Driver
- Channel bundling Internet access with up to 128 kbit / s
- The dynamic bandwidth on Windows 2000/XP

Phonebook and call lists

* Access to the central telephone book
* 800 phone book entries in the local telephone, max. 4 numbers per name
* Name search in the phonebook of the phone system and phone
* 210 speed dials as speed dialing keys programmierbar1
* Number and name (CLIP / CNIP) from the local and central phonebook of the phone system
* Caller list of last 30 calls with telephone number, name, own number, date and time
* Central Call list for groups
* Talk list the last 30 outgoing calls with number, name, own number, date and time
* Redial last 30 numbers dialed
* Transfer from the caller list, call log and redial into the local telephone book
* Power dialing, automatic redial (regardless of the ISDN feature CCBS - calls to busy subscriber)
* Comfortable editing of the phone book on software COMfortel Set (local) and COMtools (central)

Security Features

* Phone lock, emergency calls still possible
* Configuration lock with password protection
* Disabling of individual phone features

Management fees

* Cost of the last recording of all conversations and
* Adjustable rate units


* Touch keys and Belegtlampenfeld1
* Wartefeldfunktion1 +3 with the PBX COMpact 4406 DSL / 4410 USB and COMmander Basic / Business
* Line buttons with status of Ämter1
* Targeted Allocation of MSNs / DDIs
* Hotel function (check-in/check-out) 3
* Display of the door and switching functions of the telephone system and the display of the Funktionstasten1
* Provider Display (Soft-LCR easy in the telephone system)
* Function keys to control Anlagenfunktionen1
* Group and team function, login button for groups or Teamzugehörigkeit1
* Macro function, complex function processes a keystroke
* Consultation / switchover directly by the Zielwahltasten1
* 8 buttons (soft keys) for specific, situation-dependent functions of the phone system
* Automatic Handsfree with programmable internal calls (InterCom)
* Announcement of the system phones (InterCom)
* DND (Do Not Disturb)
* DTMF during the call
* Preparing for elections / Election correction
* 16 ring tones (MIDI), via PC software
COMfortel Melody individual melodies loaded
* Advanced call differentiation, such as his own office phone number or group
* SMS in Festnetz3, send, receive and manage short messages, including PC software COMfortel SMS
* Speaker / Handsfree
* Adjustable volume for ringtones, handset (receiver) and Handsfree
* Microphone mute

Installation and maintenance

* Automatic UP0-/S0-Erkennung
* Easy configuration with software COMfortel set, scope of the menu set
* Configuration via USB port on the phone, alternatively, via the V.24, USB, Ethernet or internal S0 port 2 of the telephone system (Mac OS X via Ethernet or V.24 with USB/V.24-Adapter; on Linux V.24, USB or Ethernet)
* Remote reading, remote programming of Office (password protection)
* Flash EPROM for firmware update and configuration
* Manual or scheduled software update via ISDN, with copy function to another connected system telephones COMfortel family

1 Busy lamp, waiting area, line, one-touch control buttons and functions are features of the programmable function keys. The COMfortel 2500 has 15 keys with 2 functions per button (2 levels) and can be extended to 105 function keys 3-button expansion modules COMfortel Xtension30. Each module provides 30 buttons, each with 2 levels available.

2 ISDN PC card and CAPI version 2.0 required.

3 If at a later date for free software update.

* Zusicherungen und Markennamen:
We are not authorized reseller of this brand we use the names only for description

Your contact person: Tim Brakensiek
product request: Auerswald COMfortel 2500

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