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Protec spare parts
Article number: 33789
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Protec spare parts

lightbarrier Eye CNY 70
bellow for pump
Bellow pump KB2X,50Hz 220-240V
back valve
propeller wheel with axle 50Hz
Bellow pump KB2X, 60Hz
PU-glue kit
repair press down bar
battery control unit
side plate dev., left
side plate fix., left
left side plate wash
left side plate dryer
modification kit
reconstruction set.circ.pump
reconstruction set circ. pump
light barrier C45 with seal
additional fan
main drive motor C45
operator control with foil
left side plate dryer
control unit C35
main drive motor C35
Power PCB Opt. 2010 230V
Power PCB Opt. 2010 120V
Control PCB
side plate dev. (with shafts)
side plate fix. (with shafts)
side plate dryer left
switch film registration
cover switch with operator
cover switch with operator UL
solenoid valve pre-mounted
electronic Optimax V2, 110V
solenoid valve
operating panel control unit
pump Promix A40
modification kit old-new pump
pump Promix A40 60Hz
modification kit old-new pump
control unit PROMIX A40 compl.
side plate dev. left
drive shaft rack C2 spare part
side plate fix. left
water/dryer rack bottom
side plate W/D left
side plate D bottom left
side plate D top left
water/dryer rack top
control unit C2
heating element C2
temperature sensor
traction relief f.UL powercord
replenishm. pump 220-240V 50Hz
replenishm. pump 220-240V,60Hz
heating element 2000W C2 UL
upgrade kit motor C2
control PCB with foil
control unit NDT
Worm gear kit C2 NDT
replenishm. pump C35/OPTIMAX
replenishm. pump 2010, 2 below
replenishm. pump 2010, 2below
repl. pump 50/60 Hz OPTIMAX
sealing wedge
wall-plate C 35
mounting material
blind plate
adapter for electr. housing
wall plate
mounting material
sealing wedge
mounting material
closing plate for
wall plate C2, big
light protection C2
light protection C2, left
light protection C2, right
wall plate C2, small
mounting kit
sealing wedge
wall plate C2
mounting kit
shaft driving channel
bearing special treated
press down bar 2
bracket I
bracket II
sensor ring
main switch printed
fastener blue
fastener red
developer rack
16 tooth gear round-hole
16 tooth gear D-hole
32 tooth gear D-hole
32 tooth gear round-hole
bearing without clearance
PU-roller 45 ground
rubber roller 45
drive shaft for developer rack
distance bar
side plate developer red
flat spring
big bearing (without distance)
side plate fixer blue
water rack
side plate wash
dryer rack
rubber roller
side plate dryer
side plate dryer
Angle fitting - nozzle 12
light barrier 4-eyes
control unit foil
spare key
key holder
motor light barrier
press down bar 4
bracket 4
motor impulse disc
dryer temp. sensor
bath temp. sensor
suction pipe,
repl. container dev., 25 ltrs.
repl. container fix., 25 ltrs.
stop cock developer
stop cock water
stop cock fixer
bearing block
bearing block dryer
bath cover developer
bath cover fixer
guide bar 1,straight
guide bar 2, bent
channel cover
floating cover dev.
guide bar 2, bent, with nose
floating balls (300 pcs.)
floating balls (500 pcs.)
floating balls (200 pcs.)
main pc-board 240V
control unit
main drive motor
dryer heating 230V 50/60 Hz
solenoid valve 230 V 50/60 Hz
developer rack G 45
fixer rack G 45
bearing (with clearance)
water rack G 45
dryer rack G 45
guide bar 3
developer rack CDC
light barrier ECO 45
light barrier pcb
temp. poti developer
main drive motor
lightbarrier support
film feed tray
lightbarrier cover
operator control connect.cable
developer rack
drive shaft
fixer rack
water rack
dryer rack
jet (45)
drive shaft dryer
light barrier C 45 cpl,
light barrier pc board
bracket for level switch
gear with 4 magnets
bath cover C 45
bath heating system C 45
power control unit C45
solenoid valve 230, 50/60 hz
main drive motor
light barrier SX 45 compl,
light barrier SX 45 pc board
cover plate electric
lightbarrier support
film feed tray C 35
cover C 35
developer rack C 35
PU-roller 35 ground
rubber roller 35
guide bar connection
drive shaft
distance bar
shaft C 35
fixer rack C 35
water rack C 35
dryer rack C 35
dryer sideplate
belt gear
right side plate dry
jet (35)
drive shaft dryer
belt gear
shaft dryer
light barrier C 35
light barrier PC board
distribution board
main drive gear Z16
double gear Z16/32
keyboard foil C 35
dryer temp. sensor
dev. temp. sensor
safety switch C 35
light protection cover
gear with 2 magnets
bath cover C 35
reed contact
guide bar 1 straight
guide bar 2 bent
guide bar 3
dev. bath cover C 35
fixer bath cover C35
guide bar 2 bent, with nose
bath heating system C35
main drive motor C 35
developer rack C 35 G
fixer rack C 35 G
water rack C 35 G
dryer rack C 35 G
Eprom 2010 - 2 pumps
Eprom 2010 UL - 2 pumps
film feed tray OPTIMAX
complete cover OPTIMAX
angle connection
angle fitting
Bracket for film detection
worm-gear drive
main drive motor OPTIMAX
main motor OPTIMAX 2010 UL
solenoid valve pre-mounted
solenoid valve pre-mounted UL
film feed tray 2010 grafic
film feed tray OPTIMAX
complete cover OPTIMAX
developer rack OPTIMAX
side plate dev., red
worm wheel
flat spring 35
flat spring 55
drive shaft
fixer rack OPTIMAX
side plate fix., blue
dryer rack OPTIMAX
dryer side plate left
dryer side plate right OPT.
dryer plate small OPTIMAX
dryer plate large
angle connection
bracket for micro-switch
chain wheel t=17
channel dryer heating OPTIMAX
plate for air channel
combined processor plug
worm-gear drive
drive shaft worm-gear OPT.
bearing block
worm gear
chain wheel on motor t=14
chain wheel t=16
chain wheel t=12
chain wheel t=18
suction pipe for 12l repl.container
suction pipe for 12l repl.container-rotund
replenisher tank dev.
replenisher tank fixer
main drive motor OPTIMAX
electronic OPTIMAX new version
electronic Optimax V2 w.displ
solenoid valve pre-mounted
electronic Optimax
display w. mounting kit
dryer rack Optimax Mammo
worm-drive Mammo, 50Hz OPTIMAX
level switch Promix A40 big
mixing nozzle ProMix A40
level indicator Promix A40
funnel Fixer
funnel Developer
dosing device E compl.
dosing device F compl.
connection unit
impellers shaft complete
Hose for draining -red
Hose for draining -blue
suction pipe E3 long
suction pipe F1 long
suction pipe E2 long
suction pipe E1 long
suction pipe F2 long
pump, 230V, for PROMIXplus
PCB Promix plus 5 pumps
PCB Promix plus 6 pumps
pump 24V Promix Plus
solenoid valve complete
film infeed tray
machine cover
developer rack
side plate developer
flat spring 68 C2
flat spring 26 C2
drive shaft rack C2
fixer rack
side plate fixer
water/dryer rack
side plate dryer, left
side plate W/D right
dryer plate large
dryer plate small
dryer plate back side
side plate D bottom C2
side plate D top left C2
side plate D top right C2
light barrier
light barrier PCB
power PCB
film for control panel C2
drive shaft
drive shaft C2
heat exchanger
guide bar, short
condensation cover "E"
control PCB
developer rack graphic arts C2
fixer rack graphic arts C2
water/dryer rack graphic arts
developer rack C 2 NDT
PVC roller NDT
fixer rack C2 NDT
water/dryer rack bottom NDT
water/dryer rack top C 2 NDT
Leistungssteuerteil C2 NDT
film catch basket C35/C45
blind printing plate C45
blind plate
main drive motor
main drive motor 230V 50 Hz
main drive motor 230V 60Hz
main drive motor EMK 43
main drive motor ECO
main drive motor NDT
main drive motor
main drive motor 2010 incl.HRI
main drive motor C35
main drive motor C2
main drive motor C2 24V DC
circulation pump MD10 230 V
circulation pump KRP4-D
circulation pump KRP4-90°
circulation pump
circulation pump
bellows pump
circul. pump KRP4-90° 120V
heating element
heating elem. 230V 2000W/85G
heating element 1100 W
heating element 1000 W
Heating Cartridge 120V, 400W
heating element 110V 1100W
heating element 110V 900W
heating element UL
heating elem. 2000W UL
Power cable 3x1 3,0m
temp. switch R 20 C 167
temperature limiter
thermostate R20 036 85°C
temp. sensor NTC OPTIMAX
stop cock 16mm
Drain stop cock
Solenoid valve Promix A 40
solenoid valve water inflow
disconnection switch
micro switch
angled lever
Micro-rotary-switch OM, Cl.APS
operator for micro-switch
micro switch
film detection switch Opt. 2010
fan G2E120
axial fan
fan G2E108AA0163
fan G2E120
dryer fan
fan G2E108AA0177 UL
threaded inset ENSAT M4
threaded insert ENSAT M6
dodge threaded inset M4x9,5
washer 03.10.121
cable tie Insoluk T30LL
sealing ring
G-fuse inset 5 x 20 / 10A
G-fuse holder FEB
fuse inset 5 x 20 T 20A
fuse mounting FIZ IP 67
fuse inset 5 x 20 16A
G-Fuse holder
fuse inset 5x20 T2A/250V
fuse inset 5x20 T10A/250V
Operation control foil
operation control foil
control panel foil
control panel foil 2 pumps
level switch with cable 1,4m
pipe switch AE
level switch Promix Plus re
level switch Promix Plus Mi
level switch Promix A40
float f.level switch
level switch
black circlip
ring clamp 8-sw PBT
circlip D9 no. 3.15.209
box blue
box red
container ER130 w. cover
adjusting slide
water inlet pipe mounted
hose 9x2 clear
hose 4x1 green
hose 16x4 clear
hose 10x2 red reinforced
hose 10x2 blue reinforced
hose 6x1 PVC red
hose 6x1 PVC blue
hose 10x2 clear reinforced
hose 25x4,5
tube 12x1,5 clear
hose 6x1 PVC clear
hose 10x2 silicon
hose 12x2 silicon
T-threaded inset
connecting angle narrowed
Screw-in connector
ball retaining valve
tube clamp SGT 8-16/9 C7 W2
tube clamp Torro
tube clamp Snap
wire tube clamp
wire tube clamp
wire tube clamp 11,4mm bl
weighing cell SEB 3-2-N2 Ver.1
weighing cell SEB 3-2-N2 Ver.2
traction relief
power switch
Main Switch
foam rubber seal
O-Seal 22x4
seal ring 14.62.294 PVC
magnet (protective breaker)
magnet (protective breaker)
handle green
handle red
handle blue
bearing 10/12/6-PA
transformer 230V Promix Plus
transformer Ul
toothed belt 10 T5 / 815 -DL
chain sz,6 with couplerlink
cotton filter
carbon filter
filter casing
dirt pan f. PROMIXplus DN10
cylindrical screw
splint pin 2,0x20 DIN94A4
safety washer 10x1 DIN 471
cylindrical screw
threaded pin M4x6 A2
flat headed screw M4x4 A4
hexagonal screw
hexagonal screw
hexagonal screw
hexagonal nut M3 A4 DIN 934
hexagonal nut M4 A4 DIN 934
hexagonal nut M6 A4 DIN 934
toothed disk 3,2 DIN 6797
screw M4x10 A4
screw M 4 x 8Z

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Spare Parts:
As certified matchpart GmbH (Germany) Distributor we provide some spare Parts. Also we can try to find spareparts for you if you have been unsuccsessful to find them. If you have a demand for spare parts use the contact Form.

Delivery Service:
At additional cost our Partner Systembau Dortmund GmbH & Co. KG packs and delivers this item .

As matchpart GmbH (Germany) Partner we offer circuit board, Laserhead and Spinner Motor repair service. If you are interested in this service, we need serial number, YOM, sparepartnumber and type of error.

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A medical Instruction is available at extra cost.

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A Service Technician Training is available on request by matchpart GmbH (Germany).

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