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GretagMacbeth (XRrite) SpectroEye XRGA
Article number: 41311
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Gretag Macbeth (XRrite) SpectroEye XRGA - refurbished

Type: SpectroEye
Part No: 36/64/00
DC input: 15 V / 0.8 A

Best of all match: If is the only function which "speaks" with the printer. They receive immediately a statement about that with which changes of the layer thickness or colour concentration the given authoritative colour is to be reached. With it becomes the arrangement of the pressure machine so simply as never.

Spectral process standard data: Thanks to these unique data you can work furthermore with the density values, while the passport / Fail-Anzeige refers to the given colour tolerance after process standard offset printing. By these spectral data you can use the «Best of all match» to function also for the setting of the pressure machine after process standard.

Automatic Weisskalibration: To receive optimum measuring results, the white reference is inserted in SpectroEye. The calibration is explained auftomatisch without influencing control of the user.

Positioning independent of direction: To guarantee a positioning independent of direction of the measuring instrument, is equipped SpectroEye with a ring lighting. This is especially important with measurements on unpainted substrates.

High-resolution measuring system: With the internal spectral resolution of 3.3 nm grasps SpectroEye also the smallest colour divergences.

Order-oriented work: In SpectroEye orders can be put on, so that measuring rows can be automatically grasped and be assigned to the respective reference. Besides, orders of the PC can be loaded with the software Color Quality ™ in SpectroEye and from SpectroEye for the other evaluation and documentation in the PC.

Access to the digital Pan tone ® to colour fields: All 1114 colours on painted, unpainted and matt paper contain the SpectroEye Pan tone of fields. Furthermore the integration of the colour fields HKS, Toyo and DIC is possible.

Certificate to her SpectroEye even with NetProfiler 2: The NetProfiler exists of software and a Kalibrierkarte especially developed for the pressure industry. Via Internet the measured values are compared to the deposited defaults and a correction profile is calculated that can be loaded by the NetProfiler software directly in SpectroEye.

Measuring results with NetProfiler 2:

exact communication between several devices of the same type
if the measuring quality and reliability of the devices receives
if the availability of the devices receives longer by the lengthening from service intervals

Measuring technology:

Spectral measurement holografisches declension grid
Spectral range from 380nm to 730nm
Measuring value issue 10nm (internal resolution 3.3nm)
Measuring mode Remission
Measuring geometry 45 °/0 ° ring optics, German Institute for Standardization 5033
Measuring screen Ø 4.5 mm
Source of light Wolfram, gas-filled, light kind A
Physical filtering neutrally, approximated electric light bulb light A
approximated daylight D65
especially on inquiry also UV suppression
Measuring time without filter: approx. 2see
Polarisation filter: approx. 3see
D65 filter: approx. 2see
Measuring area density to German Institute for Standardization 16536: From 0.00D to 2.5D
Linearity ±0,01D
Short-term ability for reproduction 0.02 deltas E* CIELAB (D50, 2 °), average from 10 measurements in the distance of 10 seconds on white
Density ability for reproduction Density German Institute for Standardization 16536 (ability for reproduction ±0,01D):
No filter 0.0D - 2.5D, Yellow 0.0D - 2.0D
Pole filter 0.0D - 2.2D, Yellow 0.0D - 1.8D
Measuring head extendably
Filter wheel motor powered
Absolutweißkalibration automatically on integrated white reference
Device examination automatic examination of the spectral Kalibration
Thick filter allocation by hand and automatically
Average education Mittelung about several measuring values
Measuring value allocation manual and automatic allocation of the tests to the references

Measuring terms:

White relation absolutely, relatively
Light kinds of the colour metrics D50, D65, A, C, D30... D300, F1... F12, user-defined
Normal observer's corner 2 °, 10 °
Density norm German Institute for Standardization 16536, German Institute for Standardization 16536 NB, STATUS ANSI A, STATUS ANSI T, ISO status I (SPI), user-defined

Measuring functions:

Colour systems standard: CIE L*a*b *, CIE L*C*h * (a*b *), delta E CIELAB, delta E* 94
optionally: CIE XYZ, CIE xyY, CIE L*u*v *, CIE L*C*h * (u*v *), LABmg, LCHmg, Hunter Lab, RxRyRz
Colour distance formulae optionally: Delta E* CIELUV, delta E CMC, delta E FMCII, delta E mg, delta E Hunter Lab, Metamerieindex
Densitometrie standard: Density, sound value increase, surface cover, colour acceptance
optionally: all thick, pressure identity line, pressure plate, contrast, tone mistake, Verschwärzlichung, autofunction
Colour strength optionally: absolutely (K/S) and relatively (DS)
White degrees and yellow degrees optionally: White degree CIE, white degree ASTM E313, white degree Berger, white degree Stensby, ISO brightness R457, yellow degree ASTM E313, yellow degree ASTM D1925, tone divergence number CIE
Special function Best of all match
Colour fields optionally: To PAN TONE Color Formula guide; finder TOYO Color; guide DIC Color; HKS E, K, N and Z
Data protection function optionally: Settings protect, multiple user 


Data socket RJ45 link
serial interface RS 232C with from 300 to 57600 Baud
Ethernet 10 BaseT, 10 MByte / p.

Electricity supply:

Electricity supply NiMH accumulator, nom. 7.2 V, 1300mAh
Mains appliance specification 85 VAC to 270 VAC, 47 hertz to 63 hertz
Loading time approx. 3h, automatic disconnection
Loading state automatic control and announcement of the capacity
Measurements per load approx. in 3000

Mechanical data:

Dimensions length: 24.5 cm, width: 8.3 cm, height: 8 cm
Weight approx. 990 g


Ideal measuring instrument for the pressure hall for all colour measurements and thick measurements
Quick arrangement of the pressure machine with spectral data for PSO, BMW, ECP
Clear representation of the measuring values by highly dissolving display
Measurement independent of direction by 45 °/0 °-ring optics (circular lighting)
Exact positioning by automatically extendable measuring head
Enlargement of the functional extent by free switch code any time possibly
Exact communication about Pan tone and HKS* by integrated digital ones
Colour fields (* additional option, can be switched at the owner's expense freely)
With 4.5 mm or 3.2 mm (SATURDAY – Small Aperture) measuring screen available.
Devices also with additional UV cut filter available.

Technical data

Measuring geometry: 45 °/0 °-ring optics (circular lighting)
Source of light: gas-filled wolfram lamp, light kind A
Screen diameter: 4.5 mm or 3.2 mm (not interchangeable)
Measuring area: 380 nm - 730 nm, reflexion from 0 to 200%, density 0 – 2.5 D
Spectral resolution: Inside: 3.3 nm, issue: 10 nm
Device divergence: middle ∆Eab <= 0.3 (more than 12 tiles BCRA)
Wiederholgenauigkeit: max. ∆Eab = 0.02 (on white ceramics), density 0.01 D
Physical filters: No, pole, D65; optionally: UV cut (everybody automatically changeable)
Announcement: Graphic display 128 x 256 pixels
Storage space: 2000 measuring values all together
Interface: serial: RS-232C; USB about adaptor
Electricity supply: NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydrid) accumulator

* Zusicherungen und Markennamen:
We are not authorized reseller of this brand we use the names only for description

Your contact person: Tim Brakensiek
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