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Heidelberg NewColor PC Workstation mit allerneuester Heidelberg 48 Bit NewColor 7000 Professional Suite mit Optionen Scanopen, PrintOpen, ViewOpen - no SilverFAST
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Heidelberg NewColor 7000 PC Professional Workstation


latest Heidelberg 48 Bit NewColor 7000 Professional Suite

with Options Scanopen, PrintOpen, ViewOpen

ready for use together with Heidelberg Scanner with NewColor ready 48Bit Maxiboards:
Topaz, Tango, PrimeScan, NexScan (seperately sold, the 48 Bit Maxibord is not included in this offer)

Technical Data of the Scan- and Reprosoftware

Newcolor 7000 Professional latest Version/actualst Version/with all Patches for 48 Bit Workflow      
Scan- und Reprosoftware für PC
Software Protection
Licence Key 1:      

This key enables the following options:

Supplied scanning software including extensive LCH Corrections, freeze for easy view Before / after control
Color Assistant       
for automatic image analysis for Image light / image depth, color cast compensation,
Geo Assistant       
for automatic determination of Scan frames and mats empty

Crop Assistant       
For fine adjustment of scan frame and Angle
Image Type Assistant       
for automatic recognition of Originals      

Threshold Assistant       
for automatic analysis Lineart      

Professional Option
Options option with CMYK, Global / neutral gradation, highlight / Spitz depth, sector / selective correction
UCR / GCR, advanced LCH-correction

Supported color spaces:
CIELab, CMYK 16 Bit und 8 Bit      

Supported file formats
TIFF Lab 16Bit und 8Bit, TIFF RGB 16Bit und 8Bit, TIFF G, TIFF B, TIFF CMYK, EPS, DCS       
Licence Key 2:

Scanopen Option
for creating ICC scanner profiles, including calibration templates

Licence Key 3:
Viewopen Option
to create monitor ICC profiles, including monitor sensor

Licence Key 4:
Printopen Option
for creating ICC printing profiles

The only avaliable Software option which is not included in this offer is
Newcopix 7000
the Redigitization of separations including Copix / Descreen, Copix Assistant, Registration Assistant
This option is only working with Nexscan F4200 und Topaz 3240-3 iX und musst be licenced seperately.

Technical Data of the Fujitsu Siemens Workstation

2 Intel Xeon Processors
SCSI Hardware RAID
SCSI Interface for Scanner
2 redundant Power Supplies
support for
Barco Calibrator Screens Typ Personal and Reference
USB Interface with Support for Barco Reference Calibrator Screens
serial Interface for Barco Personal Calibrator Screens
Windows 2000 Server Operating System in german, english on request

Remote Service Client
Remote Service Software is included and preinstalled: TeamViewer 8


In Newcolor 7000 were, according to Heidelberg, the concepts of scanning and repro software Linocolor and reference software
the DC 3000 scanner integrated and perfected:

> Newcolor 7000 is the answer to the requirements for image capture and editing for print, the database, the new media and the Internet;

> The 16-bit processing technology opens drum and flatbed scanners quality new ways;

> In the color spaces of LCH, CMYK and RGB a simple, intuitive operation and high quality is possible;

> New features and multitasking / multiprocessing offer opportunities for productivity gains.

The extensive functionality of Newcolor 7000 will open up even less experienced users. This is especially true for the DC 3000 acquired CMYK corrections, the first time are now available for both the flatbed scanner as well as the high-end drum scanner Heidelberg. This drum scanner to position themselves so that in the reference class of the DC 3000th Newcolor 7000 works fully ICC is based, thus becoming a key component in a color managed workflow. Also available in the new Newcolor copydot option Newcopix 7000 to Heidelberg scanner to be "all-rounders", so that investment in expensive special scanners only in a few cases

Newcolor 7000 is supplemented the Linocolor-scanning software on a Windows PC / NT. Now PC users can also use the color Heidelberg technology. Newcolor 7000 runs only on special Workstations. Except for the base version, the software is also available as Newcolor 7000 Professional. The further developed on the basis of Linocolor LCH functions come in Newcolor 7000, the manufacturer, especially to users who have aligned their workflow for color correction in the Lab color space. For users with interfaces to narrow pressure range should Newcolor 7000 Professional offers the ideal solution, because this is a comprehensive package CMYK integrated. The printer's features have been developed in the tradition of DC 3000 drum scanner and are first adapted to the shape and ease of use of LCH Functions. The WYSIWYG / soft proofing display CMYK features provides the user, according to Heidelberg, increased production and increased production safety. The user interface has been developed in collaboration with designers. It was on ergonomic factors is as important as to how intuitive the software. By 3D appearance, clarity and professional assistants Newcolor 7000 offers the user a quick introduction to the software. Unnecessary settings are hidden. Tooltips, which are small on-screen help text easier, the first dealing with Newcolor 7000 as well as the interactive help. All functions are performed continuously in 16-bit color. Degradation by color conversions between RGB, Lab and CMYK are a thing of the past Newcolor 7000. This is especially important for database applications, second template creation and the the Internet. Be scanned in addition to the known from Linocolor LCH and WYSIWYG conditions quickly corrected. The thus gained sharpness parameters are applied to all the fine scan. The known color management Scan Tools, Viewopen PrintOpen and are now available as integrated options. ICC profiles for scanners, monitors and different output processes can be created easily. Scanning, image editing and image data read and write can run in parallel in Newcolor 7000th. The software responds immediately to all inputs, thereby allowing operation intended to provide the maximum performance scanner.

If you order please choose which language you need: german or english.

Spare Parts:
As certified matchpart GmbH (Germany) Distributor we provide some spare Parts. Also we can try to find spareparts for you if you have been unsuccsessful to find them. If you have a demand for spare parts use the contact Form.

This item is without packaging:
Not New Sale according to §7 of our AGB, which can be inspected in the Impressum Menu of our website. The item is used.

As matchpart GmbH (Germany) Partner we offer circuit board, Laserhead and Spinner Motor repair service. If you are interested in this service, we need serial number, YOM, sparepartnumber and type of error.

Service Training:
A Service Technician Training is available on request by matchpart GmbH (Germany).

Package Deals welcome:
Please make us an reasonable offer for a package deal.

Trade In/We are looking for machines:
We offer Trade In prices. If you have machines for sale, please offer them to us. You have to cover the transport costs.

The manual will be send as PDF and the original one will be shipped at additional cost.

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